New pest control Technology

Health facilities rely on the latest technologies to make a difference for their patients and their bottom lines. As new technology comes along – and it’s always evolving – hospitals and health facilities can improve operations, increase productivity and save money.   But technology advances in the health care industry expand beyond what can be used in patient and operating rooms. The pest management industry offers several recent innovations that can benefit your facility as well.

Much like new health care technology, new pest management tools can track, manage and monitor pest activity with the goals of being more effective and efficient. The results speak for themselves.

Pheromones –  With pheromone traps, you can also use pests’ own biology against them. Pheromone traps use natural scents produced by insects to communicate with each other. The chemical communication which is highly specific to insects can be sex attractant, used to attract males of the same species, or can be an aggregate pheromone, used to attract both males and females. Either way, they are a tool to lure pests in and trap them without posing any health threats to people.

These traps are also effective for monitoring pests, as you can use them to detect the presence or absence of specific pests in your facility. This monitoring can give you insight and feedback on the effectiveness of your pest management program, serving as a vital tool to help in your decision making.

Ultrasonic deterrence –  While ultrasonic technology isn’t new, even in the pest management industry, the technology has improved immensely over the past few years. Ultrasonic devices emit a sound undetectable by humans but tailor-made for rodents.

The sound pressure and frequency drive rats and mice away and supplement traditional, mechanical rodent controls and outdoor baiting. By creating a buffer of sound around your facility in addition to exterior baiting using tamper-proof bait stations, the battle against rodents can be kept outside.

Electronic monitoring – Forget a long paper trail or a thick file when it comes to keeping up with pests. Electronic scanning and reporting devices can keep track of pest activity, hot spots and even treatments. Barcodes on different traps and monitoring stations can be scanned, which generates data on the number and kinds of pests caught in different areas inside your hospital.

These reports are completely customizable on a web-based program and are always available. Over time, you can use the reports to measure overall pest activities, trends and related issues. These reports are also available for audits and inspections.

Insect light traps –  Designed to capture flying insects, it is one of the most effective tools to monitor and control flies. The technology has drastically improved over the years and is available in a variety of sizes based on your facilities’ need.

Many of these technologies can blend seamlessly into your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan, a proactive approach that focuses on limiting access to the elements pests need to survive through sanitation and facility maintenance measures. Work with a pest management provider to set up a custom IPM plan with these technologies to help manage pests at your facility.

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